07 Apr 2018

“Have a startup idea? Launch it before others launch it”

Hey Budding Entrepreneurs,

How often it happens with you that there is a stunning business idea, of a product or service idea in your mind and all of a sudden you come across a venture which is exactly doing the same! Almost everyone who is an aspiring entrepreneur goes with this harsh reality.

What was that which actually happened? Can someone steal your idea? Can someone hijack your opportunity? The answer is simple. In the current competitive market the major hurdle one has to overcome is not finance, not resources neither a market research but it’s the TIME.

If you go to any social media websites, news portals, VC funding news you will find people tagging & telling their friends…

“I said you the same thing”
“You ignored my idea now see someone else has launched it”
“Exactly what I was talking”

The factors which actually ends up delaying your business idea are Thoughts of lack of finances, Myths about the difficulties in startup formation, The fear that if you launch at small scale someone else will come up with a copy and make it huge, Being stuck in a job to take care of necessities and same job being a barrier….. so on and so on.

Even a brilliant idea which is not executed is of no value to anyone so without giving on all your current professional or personal engagements, you can still give shape to your dream company.

One of the ways of clearing these hurdles is that you can launch your brand on the digital front. But for you to propagate your idea or seek co-founders and meet investors your brand’s identity is extremely essential.

Being in this startup ecosystem and after working with many companies and startups we have chalked out essential components of a Brand’s Identity

  • Creative Business Card with Corporate Email Ids
  • Detailed Corporate Kit
  • Sleek, Informative, Modern and interesting website
  • Web analysis & chat mechanism
  • Some Action on the blog section
  • A basic & decent visibility to the website
  • Basic Social Media presence

Getting all these done is not a very lengthy process either. If you have an idea then rest everything can be executed and made live within 30 days.

We at Bizifier truly believe that India’s future is going be build by today’s startups. We love this ecosystem where everyone is trying to launch their own dream venture and become an employer.

Keeping that in mind we have specially crafted Bizifier Startup Packages which provided web designing & digital marketing for startups. The commercials for the same are way below than what general commercials are for established brands.

You can visit https://bizifier.com/startup-zone/ for more details Or reach us at +91-8390444403 / 9881489983

P.S: We love discussions with budding startups over a Tea or Coffee, so it’s not about business always!
So don’t wait and “Launch your ideas before someone else launches it and makes a huge success story out of it”.


Monis is Co-founder of Bizifier Solutions a leading digital marketing company based at Pune. With 7 years of experience in the domain he is TEDxGateway Volunteer, Startup enthusiast and Public Speaker. He leads Sales and Strategy function at Bizifier.

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