14 Aug 2018
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Thinking to take your startup to next level since long? Then Accelerate!

When passion to do something new or something of your own reaches to an extreme level, when an individual do not think twice before taking many risks whether its personal, professional or financial, that is a point when a Startup is born.

Though Startups will be very instrumental in shaping the future of mankind but the startup ecosystem we have is not as flexible as it should be. Today an entrepreneur is completely occupied from dawn to dusk or in many cases early dawn to late dusks, in a variety of potential & non potential tasks. From building sales funnels to managing existing clients, paying rentals to arranging salaries, recruitments to trainings, taxations to payment follow ups it’s either a one man/woman show or few men/women show in case of partnership firms.

This vicious cycle keeps becoming complex and complex & leads to prioritization of tasks and unfortunately the task which takes a complete backseat and falls under important but not urgent quadrant of Covey’s time management matrix t is … yes you got it right it’s Marketing. Due to these factors, there is hardly any time to evaluate and accept the fact that your venture for which you fought with all odds is slowly being stagnant and is in an abundant need of Acceleration!

Yes this acceleration needs fuel, which in the scenario of marketing is cost, which one has to shell out for different marketing functions. Of all the conventional modes of marketing one which totally suits both, the nature of business and purchase power of startups is Digital Marketing.

We at Bizifier have launched exclusive digital marketing accelerator package specifically for those startups who want to take that essential leap which they were planning since long. Major objective of this is to achieve two specific goals, create branding & generate leads on a regular basis. This include

  • Digital Audit & Online Reputation Management
  • Search Engine Optimization (On-page, Off-page Optimization)
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Content Marketing
  • PPC campaigns
  • Testimonial/Explainer Video
  • Graphic Design (Banner, Flyers, Brochures)

It’s very complex & costly affair for any business to handle multiple service providers for the tasks which they are sure they need on a regular basis, we have bridged that gap with our packaged offering of digital marketing for startups which are simple and affordable for all business verticals. We create custom packages for customized needs of startups.
So don’t let your passion freeze and take the leap. Accelerate!

You can visit https://bizifier.com/startup-zone/ for more details Or reach us at +91-8390444403 / 9881489983

P.S: We love discussions with startups over a Tea or Coffee, it’s not about business always so don’t think twice to offer us or ask us for a tea party!


Monis is Co-founder of Bizifier Solutions a leading digital marketing company based at Pune. With 7 years of experience in the domain he is TEDxGateway Volunteer, Startup enthusiast and Public Speaker. He leads Sales and Strategy function at Bizifier.

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