27 Sep 2018

The Rise of Co-Working Culture

Brightly coloured walls and desks, sophisticated furnishings, like-minded people around and the smell of freshly brewed coffee to welcome you. This hardly sounds like an office space, doesn’t it? We are talking not only about a space to work, but also a space to create, be more productive and basically be comfortable. The co-working spaces that are now emerging in India did not take much time to be influential and favoured in the start-up world.

So, what are these spaces? In simple terms, these spaces are privately owned and have rental options for you, your team or even your company. These spaces aim to minimize the agony of finding a space to work from anyone from a free-lancer to a growing start-up. Moreover, these spaces offer excellent connectivity, state of the art digital and stationary facilities, private meeting rooms and much more. Some of them have even gone ahead to provide start-up services like web-development services, marketing and design partners etc. which can help mentor interested parties. There also are facilities that help these star-ups from ideation, instituting the company to supporting it till it becomes a viable business.

The reason why this western concept is picking up so quickly, is its ability of establishing connections and thus increasing the effectiveness of the purpose as a whole. This space has a huge capacity and can sit multiple entrepreneurs or different disciplines under one roof. This brings intellectuals from the community to come together to share knowledge and ideas so that they grow together.

So, all in all, if the logistics are manageable, it would be a win-win situation as the start-ups are able to get affordable and flexible spaces to work, while the larger organizations are able to inculcate a sense of innovation in their workplaces.

Co-working seems to be the future as JLL informs, in January-June 2018, co-working firms leased 19 lakh sq ft, compared with mere 6.4 lakh sq ft in the first half of 2017. Adding cherry on the cake, Sidharth Menda, CEO, CoWrks. Said “we have leased 1.1m sq ft across cities and are further looking to add 1m sq ft by March 2019” this would help the starters go gain pace and focus more on ideas that they come up with.

With firms such as bizifier offering a bunch of start up packages at three different levels like the beginner, strugglers and the established one you always have a chance to take your ideas to the next level.

So what, if you just have an idea and not enough other resources, i guess this is all happening for you.


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