07 Mar 2019
Celebrating Woomanhood

Celebrating Womanhood by giving back to society

Throughout history and across cultures, and countries women and girls have brought numerous great changes that changed the world.

While we salute them, We must not forget our local change makers who have broken the barriers and are constantly dedicating themselves for the betterment of the society. Let us talk about the group of ladies who became a source of inspirations for thousands to do something for the society. Bhiwandi Women’s & Educational Trust with their flagship project “Hunar”  succeeded in making local women self sufficient & independent.

More than 100 women’s have benefited by the program Hunar, where BWEW Trust provides a full fledge training in handcrafting of various customized products like “Ladies Bags & Purses, Pouches, Embroidery towels & Bedsheets” and food items like “Papad, pickles, fryums and other snacks ”. All raw material and resources are provided by the BWEW Trust and women are allowed to work from their convenient location on flexible timings. The manufactured products are sold from the BWEW website, trust office and through call by their official number.

Located in the Bhiwandi(Dubbed as “Manchester of India”), BWEW Trust believes that a country can not progress until its women are empowered and play a vital role in all aspects of development and hence designed their social projects in a way that they have greater impact on deserving women and other needs sections of society.

Under the successful and strong mentorship of Mrs. Shabana Darvesh, Mrs. FarheenAdeebKhot, Mrs. ZarkhaMoid Agha, Mrs. SharmeenBatliwala the other founding members Mrs. Aqsa Kazi, Mrs. AfzaKhateeb, Mrs. Reshma Kazi, Mrs. MahiraSorathya, Mrs. Kausar Menon, Mrs. Shadab Momin, Mrs. NeelmaBahauddin& Mrs Shadab Ansari have not left any stone unturned in increasing the impact of BWEW Trust on locality by successfully executing other projects like.

  • Monthly ration distribution to Orphans & Poor.
  • Free Medical facilities to the needy.
  • Educational Scholarships for the girls.
  • Mass Marriages Ceremonies for Poor.

There are so many women & Women Run NGOs who are effectively bringing a positive change in the society, majority of them are still hidden and strongly need and deserve our endorsements and supports.

As rightly said by Kofi Annan, “there is no tool for development more effective than the empowerment of women” On this women’s day, let’s make a resolution to help at least one such cause every month in a way we can.


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